1986 – Nihilism Is Nothing To Worry About – CD

1986 – Nihilism Is Nothing To Worry About – CD

19861986 – Nihilism Is Nothing To Worry About – CD
(Palentine Records) Take one parts The Replacements and combine one part Dinosaur Jr. and you would probably have yourself a winning combination right? Well that’s what the band called 1986 thought, and they almost got it right. The only problem is that they forgot that aforementioned bands also had some songs that were stinkers, and sadly those managed to slip into the musical mixing bowl on this half-decent release. While 1986 have the sound combination down to a tee, what they are missing is the infectious hooks that made these two bands so memorable. The two exceptions on this disc are the terrific Dinosaur Jr. leaning tune “Mechanical Dreams” and ” Holiday,” which is closer to The Replacements end of the spectrum.

1986 has the sound down, now all they need to do is hone their songwriting skills and they will be a force to be reckoned with.
– Mite Mutant (2006)

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