20 Pieces of Worldly Advice

20 Pieces of Worldly Advice

(Originally appeared in Mutant Renegade Zine #9, Fall 1998)
A friend of mine who I meet recently, gave me a card for my birthday before she left for her new job in California. Inside, among other things, she had this list which she picked up from a few years of introspective analysis. I think it’s full of good points and I felt like sharing. So here you go, in no particular order…

1. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

2. Make everything look easy – and if it’s not easy, make it look easy anyway.

3. NO whining – venting is acceptable.

4. Everyone is addicted to perfection at some level – STOP IT it’ll kill you.

5. Balance is the key to life.

6. You’ll find your soul-mate(s). Just remember, your soul-mate will compliment you, your qualities, your life – NOT complete it.

7. Develop your essence, it’s your being, it’s what makes you the person you are. The activities you do don’t make the person you’d like to be.

8. Remember the “little” people.

9. Never compromise your integrity, just to keep up in the rat race.

10. You can never kill the demons inside you – the demons make you the person you are. But come to grips with those demons – or else they’ll make you insane.

11. Teaming is everything – you can’t do everything yourself.

12. There is a difference between management and leadership.

13. Life is more than work and play. It’s about family and friends, dreams and goals.

14. One night stands are good, sex without attachments are even better…but only when condoms are used.

15. Drugs are BAD.

16. Random acts of kindness are good. – Gifts for friends for no reason are good. – Gifts for strangers are even better.

17. Food is yummy.

18. Playing in the rain is fun, sexy and a great release.

19. Always be open-minded.

20. NEVER hate – it’s very unbecoming.

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