2Pac – Thug / Life – 2CD

2Pac – Thug / Life – 2CD

2Pac - Thug Life2Pac – Thug / Life – 2CD
(Universal Records) Listing to this 2-pack 2Pac best of release, I have to say that I still don’t get his appeal as a rapper. Disc 1 is subtitled Thug, while Disc 2 is subtitled Life, and as far as the music goes I can’t really tell the significance of why which song went on which disc. If you are a fan of 2Pac looking to freshen up or tighten up your 2Pac CD collection or just getting into rap, then yeah check this out. But if you’re like me and find it strange that a song called “Never Call U B**ch Again” is presented as a romantic tune, then just stay away from these two discs. (*Note: 2Pac was commonly known as Tupac Shakur until recently. I have no idea why this change happened…it just did.)
– Mite Mutant (2008)

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