The Anatomy of A Ghost – Evenesce – CD

The Anatomy of A Ghost – Evenesce – CD

The-Anatomy-of-A-GhostThe Anatomy of A Ghost – Evenesce – CD
(Fearless Records) What we WEAHHHHH!!!! Have here is a rock WEAHHHHHHH!!!! Guitar oriented WEAHHHHHHH!!!! Band with male and (and at what I first thought was female, but am wrong) WEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! vocals trading off. WEAHHHHHHH!!!! When I first started WEAHHHHH!!!! listening to this a heavy WEAHHHHHHHH!!!! rockin’ Ethyl Meatplow came to WEAHHHHHHHH!!!! mind. However, the more I got into WEAHHHHHHHH!!!! the CD, I realized that all the WEAHHHHHHH!!!! songs sounded the same, and the WEAHHHHHH!!!! screaming every few seconds on WEAHHHHHHH!!!! every fuckin’ song just had me WEAHHHHH!!!! thinking, “This Sucks!!!” WEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
– Mite Mutant (2003)

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