44 Long – Hangover Heights Part 2 – CD

44 Long – Hangover Heights Part 2 – CD

44 Long - Hangover-Heights44 Long – Hangover Heights Part 2 – CD
(In Music We Trust) Some bands begin to stagnate on their third effort, but not 44 Long. Brian Berg’s growth as a musician/songwriter is self-evident. This record has a definite groove with great guitar licks and some rockin’ piano work. There are a wide variety of instruments employed here and they all fit exactly where they are put. The banjo on the sixth track is great with an unexpectedly Appalachian feel combined with wistful lyrics. “Don’t Let Me Die Today” is my favorite track on this CD hands down, with track 11 coming in a close second for its pedal steel guitar. I am a sucker for steel guitar, especially when it’s used correctly. There isn’t a bad song on this CD, I highly recommend it!
– Chavez Trepas (2006)

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