Abney Park – Lost Horizons – CD

Abney Park – Lost Horizons – CD

Abney Park - Lost Horizons - CDAbney Park – Lost Horizons – CD
(Abney Park) My eyes have been opened to the greatness of Abney Park and Steampunk music in general. You may be familiar with the steampunk genre of literature and films, but there is also a burgeoning music movement as well. Abney Park‘s music is perfect for the whole steampunk universe with just the right sound befitting a group of airship pirates. Did I forget to mention that they are a band of airship pirates who use their dirigible to pillage the deserving. If you want to know more about steampunk check out their website or Google it.

Abney Park‘s music is a mesmerizing blend of Celtic, industrial, world beat, electronica and rock. I love every song on this disc from their theme “Airship Pirates” to the haunting “Virus”. However, one of their most amazing songs is their powerful cover of “I Am Stretched On Your Grave.” I am now a willing member of Captain Robert’s army.
– Grog Mutant (2008)

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