Alex Arrowsmith – Applewine – CD

Alex Arrowsmith – Applewine – CD

alex arrowsmithAlex Arrowsmith – Applewine – CD 
(Ectoplasmic Records) Alex Arrowsmith is a singer / songwriter in the vein of Ben Folds, with a very quirky way with lyrics. I guess you could say he even has a touch of Weird Al, which in my opinion is a positive thing. Nice, laid-back college rock with a sense of humour and effortless talent. One of the funniest/quirkiest songs is “Coldplay Got Eaten By Piranhas”, which is the singer’s bad day made worse when he found out the news that Coldplay got eaten by piranhas. Most of the songs continue on this route, with a few clunkers along the way, but nothing to make me avoid this release. A nice refreshing blast of fun.
– Grog Mutant (2006)

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