All – Mass Nerder – CD

All – Mass Nerder – CD

All - Mass NerderAll – Mass Nerder – CD
(Epitaph Records) Well, I haven’t really listened to All for about 5 years and the last album I have of theirs is “Perculator”. I saw them on the Warped tour and was re-energized by them (more about that in the next issue along with the interview with Bill). All are kings of energetic nerd punk-pop and they don’t shy away from speaking their minds. Anyway, their first track “World’s on Herion” really mirrors my feelings for the past six months or so. It just seems like most people are slow and lame, not like I’m great or anything but I like to keep creating, moving and doing. I just have this problem with complacency right now and so does All. Actually I can relate to the lyrics in almost every song on the album. I think if I could have spoken to the whole band somewhere else or at a different time we would have gotten along great, since I feel very similar to the lyrics that Chad, Karl, Stephen and especially Bill wrote. In other words, I love this album partially for the music, partially for the lyrics, partially for the attitude and partially for energy. A great release.
- Grog Mutant (1998)

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