Allman Brothers Band – Eat A Peach – 2CD

Allman Brothers Band – Eat A Peach – 2CD

Allman Brothers BandAllman Brothers Band – Eat A Peach – 2CD
(Universal Records) I’ve heard a few tunes by The Allman Brothers, but I didn’t really know much about them besides their hits. So, when we got the opportunity to review the (Deluxe Edition) of their breakthrough album, I jumped at the opportunity. This double-disc release is made up of the original recordings of Eat a Peach, while the other disc contains songs from their final concert at the Filmore East in 1971. What I came to realize is that my thoughts of their music as being Southern rock flavored blues is right on. I also discovered that they like jamming…a lot. One track on the Filmore East disc is over 20 minutes long, and there are more jam tracks than that on this one disc.

Overall, I would have to say that while I like a few of their songs, can admire the music they play can praise them for doing it so well, overall it’s just not my cup-o-tea. If you’re looking for the hits, keep moving on. If your looking for solid live Southern rock blues jams, then this is for you.
– Mite Mutant (2006)

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