Amelia – A Long, Lovely List of Repairs – CD

Amelia – A Long, Lovely List of Repairs – CD

Amelia - A Long, Lovely List of Repairs - CDAmelia – A Long, Lovely List of Repairs – CD
(Slow Down Records) This is the kind of release I pray for when I pick up a band’s release out of the stack of CDs we get in to review. The music has a world music acoustical feel on the opening tune “Enemigo”. Combined with the female vocals and foreign lyrics, it’s a song that just makes you melt. The overall feel of the CD brings the earlier work of Elenie Mandel to mind. I like the fact that Amelia retains the folky feel throughout this release, while the songs have enough diversity to them so the listener isn’t sure of what’s coming next. There is much to be said about song arrangement on a CD and pacing, and this release is a fine example of how to do it right.

I love the chuginess of the tune “Delores”, the bounciness of “Eyesore” and the subtle and softly sung “Cover the Leak”, and I believe you will be just as smitten with this band as I am once you give this CD a listen.
– Mite Mutant (2008)

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