Another Bitch Session

Another Bitch Session

I’ve noticed that lately that people who don’t hold true to their words really piss me off. I know this has always been true, but over the last several years I have found myself thinking less of those who have let me down. I don’t know why this had suddenly started to get on my nerves so much. Maybe it’s because after last year I’ve been examining my life closely and trying to see how others view me.

I know I have always tried to follow through on any promises I have made, even though at times it becomes impossible. If I have failed to live up to a promise I feel terrible and I try to make it up to that person. I know when people promise me things and don’t follow through, I feel like I’m really low on their priority list and that I just don’t really matter to them. (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, pity party for Grog)

So, what have I started to do about this? (You may ask if you really give a fuck.) Well, I noticed that if people have let me down once or twice, without trying to explain or make it up, I stop believing them or putting faith into anything they tell me. I feel that most of my true friends hold true to what they promise and I find myself no longer considering those who have let me down as true friends. This really annoys me because some of them I felt really close to and years ago I thought we would stay friends forever. However, over the years the situation has changed and drifting has occurred. During this period I have felt slighted and been made to feel like I wasn’t a part of their life anymore. I know that things change when you get older and you get lost in your safe serene little world, but promises shouldn’t be made that will later be broken.

I have found that many people don’t mean it, when they promise me something. They figured I realized this. I guess I really should stop believing them since they don’t believe themselves. This pisses me off more than people who had good intentions, but just fucked up. We all fuck up at times. But if they keep promising or talking empty, I don’t see any excuse. If you can’t or don’t plan on following through, let me know!

Ok, I think I’m done being all fuckin’ high-n-mighty. I have some promises to keep…

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