Anthrax – Madhouse: The Very Best of. – CD

Anthrax – Madhouse: The Very Best of. – CD

AnthraxAnthrax – Madhouse: The Very Best of. – CD
(Universal Records) Probably every review on this release is going to start with stating that Anthrax (along with The Beastie Boys and Faith No More) were at the forefront of the combination of rap and rock. With the Beasties having more of a punk groove and Faith No More being more alternative rock, Anthrax with their speed metal sound took the most aggressive approach. It came to a head with the classic metal/rap collaboration “Bring the Noise” with Public Enemy. While Anthrax will probably always be known for their metal/rap sound, they are really a speed metal band outside the norm and this release reminds us of that all so beautifully. Get this release and know what it is to be caught in a mosh.
– Mite Mutant (2001)

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