Asia – The Definitive Collection – CD

Asia – The Definitive Collection – CD

AsiaAsia – The Definitive Collection – CD 
(Universal Records) I have two words to describe ASIA – Guilty Pleasure. Their music is lite rock and a bit whimpish, but you know what? Hardly anyone will turn the dial on the radio station when one of their songs comes on. No, what they will do is start singing along hoping no one sees or hears them. This release contains such goodness as “Sole Survivor,” “Here Comes The Feeling,” and “Heat of the Moment.” The big surprise I found on this disc is the final tune “Go” which is a killer tune that I’ve never heard before. So go on and flaunt your soft side, get Asia: The Definitive Collection. And if you are still a bit embarrassed, just tell people you heard about the band while watching the movie The 40-Year-Old Virgin and leave it at that.
– Mite Mutant (2006)

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