At the dive-in – in/CASINO/OUT – CD

At the dive-in – in/CASINO/OUT – CD

At the dive-in - in CASINO OUT - CDAt the dive-in – in/CASINO/OUT – CD
(Fearless Records) The first thing I noticed while looking through their booklet was that my good friend Sebby (Pam) is listed in the thanks list. That instantly made me like this band even before I heard them. Pretty lame to be swayed by a name but Sebby has great taste in music and was always really cool to my band. I’m going to be seeing these guys this weekend up in Columbus so look for the show review too.

Well they were great live and now I love this CD, instead of just like it. They have tremendous power and energy, and in that respect they remind me of Nation of Ulysses. They have that whole emo-core thing going and could easily be on Dischord. If you love emo or really good hardcore then get this, if not buy it anyway because it’s great (and you always listen to Grog, don’t you)
- Grog Mutant (1999)

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