V/A – Bandwagon Soundtrack – CD

V/A – Bandwagon Soundtrack – CD

VA - Bandwagon Soundtrack - CDV/A – Bandwagon Soundtrack – CD
(Milan Records) Bandwagon is a movie about a fictional small label band called Circus Monkey on the road. Gee, this sounds to familiar to me, maybe because I lived it for a few years. Most of the songs on the disk are from factual bands that tie into the movie (like most soundtracks, Grog). There are songs by Incinerator (soft female vocals over college rock) , Poundcake (College rock that reminds me of Cracker) , Tackle Box (lame alternative pop), Spittle (a parody of metal thrash songs ????), Judy, Judy, Judy (A cool rockin’ song that’s very college alternative) ,The Fliptones (A surf band), and manCHILD (a very Minneapolis sounding band). Most of the songs are good and I heard that the movie was pretty cool as well.
- Grog Mutant (1997)

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