Bed Devils – Le Caprice - CD

Bed Devils – Le Caprice - CD
(Syck Dawg Records) I must admit, I chose to review the Bed Devils’ Le Caprice mostly because I thought the cover was achingly adorable: a little blond toddler in a red hooded sweatshirt, complete with little devil horns….aww, cute, aint it?  Sadly, the music of the Bed Devils didn’t reach me nearly as much as the cover boy. The opening track, the disc’s namesake, is incredibly addictive; this sounds like Dayton’s own Cage, with a good mixture of surf influence and punky vocals.  The title track really got my hopes up, but this is where my fascination ended.  The rest of the album had this somewhat horrifying Crash Test Dummies-like vocals and Top 40 radio instrumentation. Alas, if only the Bed Devils had simply put out an EP with only ‘Le Caprice’… {Lizi  ’BratBabyMonkey}

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