Bela – ‘Til Summer Ends – CD

Bela – ‘Til Summer Ends – CD

Bela---Til-Summer-Ends---CDBela – ‘Til Summer Ends – CD
(Mother West) I’ve been listening to this CD for hours on end trying to figure out who they remind me of and it just hit me. They are a way mellower The Dream Academy. Remember the band that did that song Life in a Northern Town? Bela is a more laid back, less orchestral version of The Dream Academy. The one instrument that stands out on all the tracks is the cello, which is wonderfully interwoven with the soft male vocals. The traditional band set up, guitar, bass and drums round out the sound. The use of violin, the theremin and tubular bells all make for a soothingly mellow release.
- Mite Mutant (2000)

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