Bellerouche – Best of Bellerouche – CD

Bellerouche – Best of Bellerouche – CD

Bellerouche – Best of BelleroucheBellerouche – Best of Bellerouche – CD
(Tru Thoughts) Bellerouche is an artist who came into my sphere of notice when I caught the electro-swing bug early this year. This best of collection is a great introduction to the trip-hop / soul / electro swing of Bellerouche as well as some electro-swing in general. They bring to mind a logical progression from 90′s acts such as Morcheeba and Portishead. Some of their songs get a little to techno-pop for me, however when they head into sample mode and mash-up classic swing, live vocals and some instrumentation they are hard to beat and have such an amazing sound it is hard not to get on your dancing shoes. Overall there is quite a bit of variety on this best of release and fans of several genres will find something to like along with a few new favorites!
- Grog Mutant (2013)

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