Beseech – …from a Bleeding Heart – CD

Beseech – …from a Bleeding Heart – CD

Beseech – …from a Bleeding HeartBeseech – …from a Bleeding Heart – CD
(Metal Blade Records) When I heard the first song I thought it was a cool joke. Then after a few more I learned to my horror that this is serious. What is Grog rambling about you ask? Well, Beseech sound just like the most pretentious Spinal Tap song (i.e. the beginning of “Stonehenge”). Well, that’s how these songs sound. Slow powerful music dripping with testosterone with growling seriously sung lyrics. The lyrics are like something Dio would have done. They also have sweet female vocals on some songs which for some odd reason reminds me of Meatloaf, even though they sound nothing alike (except for the pretentiousness). This is good for a laugh, but after a few tracks, I had to turn it off because it’s hard to believe that they’re serious.
- Grog Mutant (1998)

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