Big in Iowa – Bangin’ ‘n’ Knockin’ – CD

Big in Iowa – Bangin’ ‘n’ Knockin’ – CD

Big in Iowa - Bangin n Knockin - CDBig in Iowa – Bangin’ ‘n’ Knockin’ – CD
Rev. Cool introduced me to one of the fellows in this band at a recent Troy Campbell concert. A few days later I received their CD in the mail and it immediately started racking up the miles on my CD player. This release is full of foot stompin’ cow punk. I was hooked on this release from the get go when the words “I’m not looking for nirvana. I don’t need no place to go. I just wanna keep on drivin’,” were belted out on the opening tune Neil’s On The Radio. It ain’t too difficult to figure out which Neil they’re talking about, because the last tune on this CD is a great rendition of Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl. This is one of those rare gems that I would have missed if I didn’t happen to be at the right place at the right time.
- Mite (2000)

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