Bloody & the Vaynes – Bloody & the Vaynes – CD

Bloody & the Vaynes – Bloody & the Vaynes – CD

bloody-the-vaynes-bloody-the-vaynes-cdBloody & the Vaynes – Bloody & the Vaynes – CD
(Black & Blue Records) Strange?. Very strange. This album primarily sounds metal, but it’s got these weird little elements of rockabilly, pop and other genres thrown in, which makes for a dissonant musical salad. After the first few songs, I was all set to write a review saying the band sounded like almost every alt-metal act out there, but the juxtaposition of Darth Vader-style vocals with jangly, twangy guitars makes you want to listen to the CD a couple of times to figure out what the hell is really going on. Unfortunately, on about the fourth listen, the lyrics start to be decipherable – which is a problem when the most profound artistic statement is “If you’re gonna leave me baby / Check your pussy at the door.”
- Fibi Mutant (2000)

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