Blue Man Group – Audio – CD

Blue Man Group – Audio – CD

Blue Man Group - Audio - CDBlue Man Group – Audio – CD
(Virgin Records) I remember seeing the Blue Man Group on television in the early ‘90s. From what I remember, three bald and blue characters entered a stage with metal oil barrels strapped to their feet and did a percussive dance. Later, they did another percussive performance with oil drums and paint. The whole performance has an industrial performance art feel to it. The visuals were stunning especially the three Blue Men. So when Grog mentioned that they were releasing a CD, I just jumped on it. Grog and I agreed that the Blue Man Group promo package is the most visually appealing and well-done promo package that we have ever received. The Blue Men Group has a whole slew of visually appealing instruments that they created (mostly using PVC pipe) which they used in recording this CD. I loved everything about this CD except for one thing, their use of an electric guitar. I was looking for a sound that would be more percussive. Instead, they choose to infuse ‘normal’ instruments such as electric guitar into the mix, and some of the songs come off sounding like alternative new age mish-mosh or an instrumental break for a rock opera. I will end saying that I absolutely love the tune Synaesthetic.
- Mite Mutant (2000)

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