BOB MOULD – VARNALINE live at The Newport (Columbus, OH)

BOB MOULD – VARNALINE live at The Newport (Columbus, OH)
I headed up to Columbus with a few old friends to finally catch Bob. I’ve missed so many chances to see him over the years that I was told to not miss this one. Actually, this is one of the few reviews I’d do after having paid for a ticket. (Wah, Grog has to pay like everybody else.)

We arrived in Columbus after a scary trip in my car (I warned them that a Metro isn’t the best vehicle, but would they listen…) and made it into the Newport. Varnaline was playing when we came in. They had a rock / alternative / country sound and I thought that they were really good. I spoke to their road manager and mentioned some of the bands that Gail’s into (Whiskeytown, Todd Snider…) and he did say that Varnaline would fit into that category. So if you like that stuff check out Varnaline.

After a bit, Bob came on stage with his four-piece band. I haven=t heard his new album, but all previous bands of Bob’s were three pieces, so I found it odd that he had a second guitarist. I think most of the songs were from the new album so I didn’t really recognize many of them. They sounded similar to his early solo and Sugar songs, but a bit happier. I wish he had played more of his older songs, but I’m sure he’s pretty sick of playing them after all these years.

All in all, I thought it was a good show and I’m glad I finally saw Bob, maybe next time I’ll hear his record beforehand.
- Grog Mutant (1998)

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