Brian Windgrove – Dreaming I’m Awake – CD

Brian Windgrove – Dreaming I’m Awake – CD

Brian Windgrove - Dreaming I'm Awake - CDBrian Windgrove – Dreaming I’m Awake – CD

(Brian Windgrove) Welcome the brand new sound of the 1980′s. With futuristic sounds emanating from synthesizers and drum machines one man can become a whole band. Sure everything sounds a bit tinny and processed, but that is the future…wait a minute it’s 2008 and I lived through the 80′s. While this was cool and exciting for me back then, now it sounds old and dated, yet cool in a retro way. This is like when I’ve pulled out my old Steve Winwood albums, especially Arc of a Diver. I like it, but it really feels dated now. If you miss the synthetic sound of the 80′s then here is your fix.
– Grog Mutant (2008)

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