Bryan Adams – The Best of Me – CD

Bryan Adams – The Best of Me – CD

Bryan-AdamsBryan Adams – The Best of Me – CD
(Universal Records) I remember when Bryan Adam’s first record Reckless came out back in 84. I thought it was lame pop crap…especially since all the girls at school loved him. I was into metal, punk and hard rock. Years later my band covered “Summer of ’69″ and had a blast doing it. Now listening to this greatest hits collection I realize that my favorite songs of his were the early ones such as “Cuts Like A Knife” and “Run to You”. Many of his later songs were close to ballads and are just painful to listen too. I heard him on VH1 a few years ago and liked his newer harder edged and darker music, but I didn’t hear it on this disc. I do admit that I like some Bryan Adams, but I feel that over half this disk is pop fluff. So now for the lowdown: if you like his ballads, then you’ll love this release. If you like something with a bit of an edge then take a pass.
– Grog Mutant (2002)

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