BUCK-O-NINE – VOO DOO GLOW SKULLS – LINK 80 Live at Bogart’s (Cincinnati, OH)

BUCK-O-NINE – VOO DOO GLOW SKULLS – LINK 80 Live at Bogart’s (Cincinnati, OH)
I knew I was in for trouble when I walked in the door. They checked my ID and said “Wow we have a drinker!”. I went in and noticed that I was one of the few people inside old enough to drink. I had never heard of the first band so I hung way back on the floor. About halfway through their set I made my way up front and pogoed around to their great ska-core sound. They played really good energetic ska, but nothing that really stood out above and beyond the fourth wave. I liked them and they seemed to be having a blast. After their set, I meet their guitarist and he gave me a CD to review.

I wondered around for a bit and handed out MRZ buttons. Then Buck-o-nine came on and I headed right to the front and got caught in the front reaches of the skank-pit. Soon I noticed the guy from Link 80 up front with me. I’ve only heard two songs by Buck-O-Nine and they played both. However, I liked their other songs even better. They were one of the best ska-core bands I have ever seen. They went crazy on stage and just tore the place apart with sound and energy. “My town” is their best-known song, but it seemed like most of the audience know almost all their songs. Some songs just totally raged into all out hardcore fury. Great.

Finally, it was time for the almighty VGS. This tour marks their 10 year anniversary and you can tell by how tight they are. The played their unique brand of Mexican flavored ska-core, and sang occasionally in Espanol. VGS was one of the first ska-core band I ever heard and has remained one of my favorites throughout the years. Once again I was on the front fringes of the pit. I spent my time pogoing, slamming and skanking through their great set. They played around a lot and seemed to play songs from most of their releases. Members from other bands joined them onstage to skank and it just turned into a big party.

This was a great show and a real ska experience. I highly recommend all three of these bands, especially live.
- Grog Mutant (1998)

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