CANDLEBOX – BROTHER CANE – SECOND COMING Live at Bogart’s (Cincinnati, OH)

BROTHER CANE – SECOND COMING Live at Bogart’s (Cincinnati, OH)
Gail and I took off for Bogarts with plenty of time to see all three bands, but thanks to three traffic jams the trip took an extra hour and a half. We arrived at Bogarts at about 9:30 and then they couldn’t find our tickets. After a few words they finally gave me two passes and we headed in to catch the last four songs of Brother Cane.

We headed up close to the front and watched Brother Cane play some good solid rock. I was impressed and thought they put on a good show (Yet another example of why I trust Gail’s taste in music). Gail and Johnny Death caught them a month or two ago up in Huber Heights and said it was a great show plus she interviewed them (look for it elsewhere in this issue).

After their set we moved back to the bar and watched the crowd. {I did this show sans alchol due to a bad binge over the weekend} Looking at the crowd I remember why I stopped listening to and going to rock shows. They are idiots and most are pretty disgusting. I just kept shaking my head while I was in the crowd due to the stupidity of the majority of the crowd. Some examples: the idiot who was holding up his middle finger while the spotlight was on trying to make a silhouette on stage (not realizing the angle made that impossible), the dorks pumping their fists off beat to almost every song, the old guy next to me who tried to put on and off his hat in time to the bass drum beat, the guys who kept grabbing girls asses and getting slapped, the people holding up lighters for the encore while the road crew was tuning up the instruments…

Anyway, Gail meet up with Greg right before Candlebox started playing. We went on the floor but got separated. After about 7 decent songs they played that new lame ballad of their so I went for a drink in the balcony where I meet up with Gail and Greg. Then I headed back to the floor and they did some pretty cool things. They played part of “Shout at the Devil” by Motley Crue, then announced that their rhythm guitarist is Chrissy Hynes little brother. A bit later the played “the End” by the Doors. Candlebox’s singer didn=t sound good on it but part of the way through the singer from Second Coming took over and did a great job. They talked about how the old management at Bogarts sucked (very true) and the singer even did a political talk about Cincy and their back-ass ways at the end. Candlebox also played my favorite songs by them, which sounded great and threw in parts of a few other cover songs here and there including “Synchronicity” and “Go Your Own Way”. After the show, I meet Gail and Greg outside. Evidently, they left early and checked out Julianna Hatfield who was playing at Sudsy’s across the street.

Overall it was a good show, but due to the traffic, I didn’t really get to see much of Brother Cane or any of Second Coming. Candlebox had its moments, but Brother Cane was more consistent with the few songs I saw. A fun show, to just listen to standard rock. Now if they could just get rid of most of those fans…

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