Cat Stevens – Mona Bone Jakon – CD

Cat Stevens – Mona Bone Jakon – CD
(Universal – Island Records) Believe it or not, I’ve really liked a lot of Cat Stevens’ stuff since I was in High School. Someone showed me the classic dark comedy flick Harold and Maude in which all the music is by Cat Stevens, and I really loved it. Three of the songs from this album were in that film: “I Think I See The Light”, “Trouble”, (my favorite of the 3) and “I Wish, I Wish”. These are actually some of the best of what’s on this album, although there a few other gems I’d never heard before as well, such as “Time”, “Fill My Eyes”, and “Katmandu”. I’ve heard better albums by Cat Stevens, but this one isn’t bad. There’s a lot of varied instrumentation throughout and it’s good music to relax to. – {Tom CoreKill}

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