Catch 22 – Washed Up! – CD

Catch 22 – Washed Up! – CD

Catch 22 - Washed Up - CDCatch 22 – Washed Up! – CD
(Victory Records) Well, their last release “Keasby Nights” was one of my favorites last year. So, when I heard about this new EP I was really excited, but a bit pensive since I heard that their main singer had left. Actually, two members have left and it is apparent. It will take a bit of time to get used to the change. Still, they play catchy as hell ska-punk with a great sense of humor, but now they are a bit heavier and lean more towards punk. However, it’s hard to tell much from a four song CD. Included is their take on American Pie…I like it much better as a HC song, and even a grindcore song where they’re not sure of the lyrics. Madonna should have tried going this route on her remake. As a bonus, there are nine minutes of live songs from “Keasby Nights” – Life Goes On, Christina, 9mm…BUT IT CUTS OFF!!!! Catch 22 you must come to Dayton and play or Columbus or Cincinnati!!!
- Grog Mutant (2000)

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