CHAMBERLAIN Live at Canal Street Tavern (Dayton, OH)

CHAMBERLAIN Live at Canal Street Tavern (Dayton, OH)
I was supposed to review this show with Gail. However, being the nice guy I am I changed plans the day before the show and went to pick up Fen and Grant at the Columbus airport. Of course the flight was delayed and due to this I missed Chamberlain since they played first, even though they were headlining. So here is a snippet of what Gail and Johnny Death thought of the Indiana boys.

Johnny Death and I saw these Bloomington boys at Canal Street Tavern this Winter and they are an energetic and emotional band. Johnny said that the lead singer sounded like Bruce Springsteen. “The Moon My Saddle” is an introspective record of the young man growing up. The songs are very strong lyrically. There are many great lines like ” I haven’t smiled in a long time, but I’ve learned to look impressed, learned to lose my dreams I had when I was at my best.” .
- Gail Mutant (1998)

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