I’ve been looking forward to this show since it was first announced since I like all three bands and I missed Cherry Poppin’ Daddies at the Warped tour because I whimped out and left early. Luckily this time the roads were clear and me and Kim made it to Cincy on time. I went to the ticket window and not only did they actually have my tickets, but I also got a back-stage pass. (Mucho Gracias Scott)

We got inside right after Spring Heeled Jack started playing. They were playing their great power ska and had almost half the crowd pogoing. I liked them a lot better live then on CD. Seeing them live captured that “something” which was missing on their record for me. I meet one member of the band later while he was selling t-shirts and he was really cool. They seem like a great bunch of guys.

When the lights came on we looked around at the crowd. It was a pretty diverse bunch: some swing-heads, some punks, some skins, some ska boys & girls, some rockers and a bunch of other people. Everybody just seemed to be having a great time and enjoying the show.

Soon the Pietasters came on and played a great set of their smooth traditional ska. I have to rate them as equals to the Specials, truly one of the best ska bands around. Quite a few people were skanking and once I finished my beer I headed off for the front. Up front almost everybody was skanking and pogoing. It was a blast and the Pietasters were just incredible. I recognized most of their songs from “Willis” but the played some new songs as well. After their set I finally made my way back to Kim. Then I tried to get back-stage but was denied. Evidently a pass at Bogart’s is meaningless. However, I knew the guy running the backdoor from a band years ago and he let me run out to my car to get some copies of the zine to pass out. Then I ran into the Pietasters guitarist and we talked for a bit.

Then with zines in hand I wandered through the crowd, I put some near the backdoor (for the bands) some on the T-shirt table and put the rest at the front door. By this time the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies had taken the stage so I bought my last beer and joined Kim. We stood pretty far back and watched some great swing dancers nearby. I started dancing to the music and noticed that only about five of us were dancing solo while watching the two couples dance. I soon finished my beer and once again escaped up front. Up front it was great, not many couples swing dancing (no room) but most everybody was moving their bodies. The Daddies played most of the swing songs off their latest, plus they played several of their ska songs. This seemed to confuse quite a bit of the crowd who thought CPD was just a swing band. (People really should pick up their older releases where they play many styles.) Anyway, the played a great set and they sounded terrific. I know all the people In was near were totally into the music and moving their bodies about. Well, except for several guys who stood with their arms crossed then got pissed off when their girlfriends started dancing with me. Note: If you go to a show and don’t dance but your date does, don’t be surprised if they turn their attention to someone who is dancing.

At any rate I had a blast at this show and loved all three bands, plus I meet some great people and passed out quite a few zines. So we said goodbye to Cincy and made the boring ride back to Dayton. As a bonus we got stuck in a traffic jam for almost half an hour at one in the morning.
- Grog Mutant (1998)

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