Consolidated – Tikkun- Survivor Demos – CD

Consolidated – Tikkun- Survivor Demos – CD

Consolidated---Tikkun--Survivor-Demos---CDConsolidated – Tikkun- Survivor Demos – CD
(Orchard Records) I haven’t heard anything from Consolidated for a while, so I was excited when we got this release in. I was a bit disappointed. At first, I was wondering if this was the same Consolidated that I remembered. Sure the disc started off with the signature “open mic” track that this band is known for as well as the socio-political lyrics, but the music during most of the disc has a different feel. Many of the tunes had me thinking of a more funked out Living Colour minus the rockin’ guitars. Then in the middle of the release they morph into top 40 cheese. The Consolidated that I remember only shows up on the last tune on the release, Sex Work, which is in the same category of industrial music as Front 242.
- Mite Mutant (2000)

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