D. Arruga, Lombardo & Friends – Vivaldi: The Meeting – CD

D. Arruga, Lombardo & Friends – Vivaldi: The Meeting – CD

Missing-CoverD. Arruga, Lombardo & Friends – Vivaldi: The Meeting – CD
(Thirsty Ear) The whole concept behind this recording was to get a heavy metal drummer, Dave Lombardo, to improvise to music by the great classical composer Vivaldi. The liner notes for the CD say “these musicians have come up with what may ultimately be the beginnings of a new form”. First off, just listen to a little bit of Queen, or many of the other artist who experimented with such sounds in the seventies and you will see what you are trying to accomplish has been done before and done well. Second, the improvised drumming doesn’t fit in with these classical pieces at all. Well that’s not entirely true. When Dave decides to play soft and with the music, utilizing a delicate sweep of the cymbal or a light touch on the drumheads, then it does work. But when he goes out for the full out drum solo (which is mixed too much in front of the other instruments) then you have something that just sucks.
– Mite Mutant (2001)

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