Distortion Felix – I’m An Athlete – CD

Distortion Felix – I’m An Athlete – CD

distortion-felix-im-an-athlete-cdDistortion Felix – I’m An Athlete – CD
(Alias Records) Like the name of the band suggests, there’s a lot of distorted guitar in the music presented on this album. On the song “Red Lips” they’ve got a lot of overpowering percussion and gravelly guitar almost drowning out the evil whispering of Manuel Nieto. On many of the songs there is a hard-rockin’ basic feel that seems to work pretty well. Some of it a weak in my opinion but hey, who gives a fuck?! The revered Steve Albini recorded and mixed this puppy so that has got to give it clout! The final song “Drag”, pops up a little surprisingly with orchestral music and a slow droning rhythm. This is something that a bad kid should take and pop into his daddy’s home stereo system and crank so it drives the old man crazy!
- Tom CoreKill (2000)

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