El Angel – Mexaton – CD

El Angel – Mexaton – CD

El AngelEl Angel – Mexaton – CD
(3R Entertainment) I was put off a bit when I started listening to this release. It wasn’t the rapping I had problems with, it was the amateur ’80s synth sound of the music which gave me pause. Luckily the rapping, while not great was still good enough to keep me interested. Then featured rapper Columbo showed his skills and I felt that there just might be something to this release. My feelings kept going back and forth like this throughout the whole disc. At times El Angel, played the part of the typical bad rapper with the way he over enunciated the lyrics with feigned badass breathiness. The other part of the time he was right on. And thankfully the music got much better with each progressive song. The standouts include the title track danceable “Mexaton,” and theYello sounding industrial dance tune “X”.
– Mite Mutant (2006)

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