El Aviador Dro – Electronico! (Best of 1978-2006) – CD

El Aviador Dro – Electronico! (Best of 1978-2006) – CD

Missing-CoverEl Aviador Dro – Electronico! (Best of 1978-2006) – CD 
(Omega Point Records) This Spanish synth group has been around since 1978. So after 26+ years of churning out a wide range of infectious synth goodness in their homeland, they are finally ready to let the people of the United States hear what we’ve been missing. Being that they have been around for so long, this retrospective CD runs the gambit of electronic rock; starting with catchy ’80s pop and ending with dance club rhythms. “La tevevisión es nutritiva” has the Devo quirkiness to it, while “Vortex” takes a Devo song structure and makes it dancy. “La zona fantasma” and “La ciudad en movimiento” have a poppier New Order feel about them. The band explores German electronica with “Baila la guerra” and “Ella perdió el control”, I can hear a strains of Kraftwork in the latter. Front 242 is the reference I’m using for the tune “Trance”, and I can swear they infused the spirit of David Byrne on the Talking Heads sounding “La única solución es la venganza”.

The best thing I like about this band is while they are able to infuse a myriad of music styles into their songs, the overlaying sound is still all their own. And to keep doing that for so many years is astounding. America, the time has come to experience the sound of El Aviador Dro.
– Mite Mutant (2006)

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