E.Y.E. – – CD

E.Y.E. –  – CD

Missing-CoverE.Y.E. – - CD
Express Yourself Excellently is a one-man ball of rock ‘n’ rolling thunder who is known in the Dayton area for his stage presence, guitar playing, rocker attitude and cover songs. While this release doesn’t contain any covers, it does contain many of E.Y.E.’s classic originals. A few of my favorites being E.Y.E. Rocks, Freedom and Going to the Beach. E.Y.E. is an acquired taste and is one of those artists that must be seen live to be truly appreciated. Some people aren’t into E.Y.E. because he’s not the best singer or the best guitar player. I say that there is much more than musical proficiency to be a true rock star. It takes heart, attitude and a love and belief in what you’re doing. E.Y.E. has all that and more. He is a true entertainer.
- Mite Mutant (2000)

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