Fairmount Girls – Eleven Minutes to Anywhere – CD

Fairmount Girls – Eleven Minutes to Anywhere – CD

Fairmount-Girls---Eleven-Minutes-to-Anywhere---CDFairmount Girls – Eleven Minutes to Anywhere – CD
(Deary Me Records) I decided to review this CD because A) the Fairmount Girls are from my hometown of Cincinnati, OH; B) I figured I should try something new; and C) My old roommate Sarah is really into the whole ‘female-folk-harmony-acoustic’ thing, and I like some of it, so I thought I might like this too. Nope. I was wrong. The Fairmount Girl’s “Eleven Minutes to Anywhere” CD almost left me comatose. It not only lacks any kind of luster, but the band seems to be going for an Aimee Mann/ Juliana Hatfield thing with double lead vocals that honestly suck. The whole CD is set at the same tempo, so the only way I knew a song was changing was the pause in the music. I think the Fairmount Girls could really improve their music if they stopped trying to be another female-headed folk group with really poignant lyrics, and started to fucking experiment a little! Anyway, if you’re into whiny songs sung in whiny girl voices, rush out and buy “Eleven Minutes to Anywhere”. Just don’t try driving while listening to it; this CD should have a warning label on it like bottles of Nyquil. I made the bad mistake of listening to this on my weekly drive from Cleveland to Dayton, and I swear I almost fell asleep behind the wheel.
- Lizi Mutant (2000)

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