Fall Out Boy Interview – Patrick Stump & Peter Wentz

Fall Out Boy Interview – Patrick Stump & Peter Wentz

(Fall 2006)

I recently caught up with Patrick & Peter of Fall Out Boy at the opening date of the 2006 Warped Tour. It was a roundtable interview and since I can’t really remember who (besided myself) asked what questions, I’m putting them all under the ChickenFish Speaks umbrella, with a * by the questions I asked. Enjoy.

*CF – This is your second year on the Warped Tour. How do you expect this year’s Warped Tour to be different from last year’s experience?

FOB – Last year we were in it for like 15 days, this year we are doing the whole tour. Last year we kind of floated around on different stages and this year we are playing the main stage it’s just a different experience, like going from being a freshmen to a sophomore. It’s a lot of stuff to learn but then again we figured a lot of things out from last year.

CF – What is the biggest difference in the crowd outside the US?

FOB – It depends on where you are. In England, everyone is very polite in responding and they just stand there. When you’re in Japan, they go absolutely crazy while you are playing, but when you stop they just sort of stand there. That is one of the big cultural differences. It is cool to see… like in Japan it is literally just about the music. Half the kids there probably don’t even know what they are saying, but they know every word.

*CF – What would guys say is your favorite thing about touring?

FOB – I really like connecting with the crowd is the best part. I just like performing it just feels good.

CF – You recently played on Conan O’Brian, how was that?

FOB – It was kind of weird because there was no crowd there, then at the same time it wasn’t so weird…. It was like one of those things where you would really think you’d be scared but once we were there you weren’t scared. It was like us, standing up there together, so it wasn’t like we were standing on stage naked or anything.

It’s cool because it is a different experience, but I didn’t feel at home there like I do performing on stage. It is just something you have to do, but it is kind of strange.

*CF – It seems that you guys are at a point where you can quit your day jobs, what were your day jobs before this?

FOB – I worked at a couple of record stores and the last thing I did, I worked at the Border’s Café. Patrick never really had a real job.

CF – What was your initial reaction when Letters of Poetry appeared on the Billboard Top Ten?

FOB – I don’t know, I guess it was kind of a shock. I was surprised, you always have that hope that maybe you will be, but when you do you realize the artists you’re surrounded by… shocked in a good way.

*CF – When did you first realize that you really had something with this band?

FOB – We’ve all been in other bands before…We’ve done this all before, and in the other bands it’s like we were always trying so hard and we were trying to be any number of things that we may or may not have been and in this band we really were just doing it for ourselves. It was really weird when the first show someone actually came up and said God you guys were great. We were really just doing it for ourselves.

CF – What is the question you get asked in interviews you get tired of hearing?

FOB – Is it weird that you write the words and he sings the words? Who is the meanest band in this tour? By the way, we’ve almost been thrown off so many tours, so I think we owe everybody an apology.


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