Frampton Brothers – File Under F (for Failure) – CD

Frampton Brothers – File Under F (for Failure) – CD

Frampton-Brothers---File-Under-F-(for-Failure)---CDFrampton Brothers – File Under F (for Failure) – CD
(Cacophone Records) When this CD first started out, I thought to myself “Oh no, another Ramones influenced band.” My worries were put to rest as soon as the second tune started. The Frampton Brothers are all over the place in their pop punk alternative ‘sound’. The main thing that hit me when I listened to this release is the vocals, which have that nasal-quirky quality ala The Dead Milkmen or even They Might Be Giants. I have to be honest, the vocals started getting on my nerves. They soon grew on me as the songs got progressively better toward the end of the CD.
- Mite Mutant (2000)

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