Frodus – Conglomerate International – CD

Frodus – Conglomerate International – CD

Frodus---Conglomerate-International---CDFrodus – Conglomerate International – CD
(Tooth & Nail Records) The first thing that came to mind when I looked at this CD was A Nation of Ulysses rip-off band. Instead of the 13 point plan to destroy america, it has the FCI mind control disc 13 point corporate plan. It even has a drone academy fight song which is similar to NOU’s Cool Senior High School (Fight Song). OK, enough of the comparisons, what do they sound like? Well, they are very similar to the bulk of the Dischord bands, with that heavy emo-core sound. These guys focus this record on the drone-like work force which many of us are familiar with. Most of it sounds pretty cool even if it isn’t as good as Nation of Ulysses.
- Grog Mutant (1997)

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