Full on the Mouth – Collide – CD

Full on the Mouth – Collide – CD

Full on the Mouth - Collide - CDFull on the Mouth – Collide – CD
(Pioneer Music Group) Well, I’m totally biased towards this band since I meet them on the Warped tour and they are from Flint, MI. Flint was always good to my band and the singer of FOTM even remembered seeing us. With that in mind, I’d still like the band even if I never meet them. They are a heavy alternative rock band who uses plenty of technology in their songs (i.e. drum machines, sampling and weird effects) to a point where you could say some songs border on industrial. On stage, they have a live drummer along with the machines. Sometimes the vocals seemed to get too smooth for my taste for the style of music they play, but who ever said I had taste anyway. Overall a good disk from a great bunch of guys. Fun and interesting.
- Grog Mutant (1998)

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