Full on the Mouth – People Mover – DVD

Full on the Mouth – People Mover – DVD

Full-on-the-Mouth---People-Mover---DVDFull on the Mouth – People Mover – DVD
(Pioneer Music Group) This is evidently the first DVD single ever to be released. Luckily when my tenant sublet her apartment the new renter had a DVD player so about 8 of us watched this disk. The disk features 2 versions of their song “People Mover” and a bio page. It’s a cool video, with bonus points since they have a monkey in it. I’ve seen a few DVD movies and it seemed like Pioneer didn’t really take advantage of all the available features. All they really did was made use of the superior sound quality. Other than that it was like a videocassette. The song itself had everybody rockin’ and it’s even featured on the soundtrack for the Sony PlayStation game. Pretty cool, but the format has a way to go if they want people to shell out cash for it.
- Grog Mutant (1998)

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