Funeral Oration – Discography – 2CD

Funeral Oration – Discography – 2CD

Funeral-Oration---Discography---2CDFuneral Oration – Discography – 2CD
(Hopeless Records) This is a discography of their catalog from 1983-1998. This strikes me as odd since I’ve never heard of them before…OK I know I’m not “Mister Ultimate Music Knowledge”, but I’m surprised that they’ve been around so long and I’ve stayed ignorant. Anyway, they seem to be Holland’s version of The Descendants / All. On the first disc you get song after song of great punk-pop. The second disc is live, but I really couldn’t tell. It’s very clean and has no audience noise. Regardless if you love All, you’ll love this disc.
- Grog Mutant (2000)

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