Hot Sauce Johnson – Truck Stop Jug Hop – CD

Hot Sauce Johnson – Truck Stop Jug Hop – CD

hot-sauce-johnson-truck-stop-jug-hop-cdHot Sauce Johnson – Truck Stop Jug Hop – CD
(Outpost Recordings) When I first heard about this band I figured it was going to be bad white boy funk. I was assured by the press agent that it was otherwise and she didn’t lie. Their first few songs had me hooked as they played with a style that led into forays of other musical styles with most changes being brought together by bridges of scratching. They put different genres together like Hed Pe and Zebrahead, but go at it in a totally different way. Instead of hitting hard HSJ find a groove and branch off from the base with each song. Their vocalist reminded me of Cory Glover (Living Coulor) on the smooth parts and he always fit the mode. I found more than just trace hints of Latino, rock, rap, industrial, metal, hip-hop, hardcore and blues in their songs. They have great flowing change-ups and a consistent smooth sound that is almost impossible not to get caught up in.
- Grog Mutant (1999)

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