In My Eyes – Nothing to Hide – CD

In My Eyes – Nothing to Hide – CD

In My Eyes - Nothing to Hide - CDIn My Eyes – Nothing to Hide – CD
(Revelation Records) Hardcore a la Gorilla Biscuits with a really nice, tight sound. Sweet Pete lays down some great vocals, and the guitar work of In My Eyes is some of the best I’ve heard from a hardcore band since Youth of Today in the late ’80s. I felt self-righteousness creeping in as I nodded my head to the beat. Typical hardcore lyrics about believing in yourself and strength, but “Nothing to Hide” puts a new twist on this genre; it sounds like it’s more from the heart than most hardcore. I highly recommend tracks like Making Sense and Welcome to Boston. “Nothing to Hide” really has nothing to hide; it’s very well done.
- Lizi Mutant (2000)

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