Interview with The Dead Milkmen

Interview with The Dead Milkmen

(Originally appeared in Mutant Renegade Zine #3, 1994)

I was all hyped. I was going to interview the Dead Milkmen. Their latest release, Not Richard, but Dick, is great. Like many Dead Milkmen releases, the songs are at the same time witty and fun. I was thinking that this was going to be an unusual but fun interview. Boy was I wrong.

I was told that the interview would happen at 5:30pm. I found out that the band was told 3:30pm. The mix up was an honest mistake on the record companies part, due to them getting time zones mixed up. However, Butterfly Fairweather seemed to think the whole thing was my fault and was a total prick. He obviously did not want to do the interview.

He was such an asshole that I started to leave. The tour manager stopped me and said that they will do this interview. Basically I think he was getting tired of their shit. The manager then took me to the bands dressing room.

As I walked through the door, I was greeted with looks of disgust from Butterfly Fairweather and Dave Blood. I wanted to try to get off on a good foot, so I gave the band an the Oxymoron’s CD, Dancing on Billy’s Grave. Butterfly snatched the CD out of my hand and proceeded to foldle it throughout the interview. I then turned to Dave and noticed a five-pointed star on his earring. I asked if he was Wiccan and he snarled back with a sharp “NO!”, and then “WHAT!?”

And thus the interview started.

MRZ – You have a Wiccan symbol on your earring. I just thought you might be Wiccan.

Dave – (Still speaking like he’s pissed off) I thought you asked me if I was Lickin’!

(Dean Clean notices my T-shirt)

Dean – Wow! A “Say no to drugs” Zipperheads’ shirt.

MRZ – I picked it up on my first visit to Philadelphia last year.

(Dave Blood just scoffed, but Dean and H.P. Hovercraft liked it).

MRZ – Butterfly, how does it feel to be the only guy in a video who’s ass Beavis can kick?

Butterfly – Actually, I think he said he could kick Vince Neil’s ass too. I guess I feel honored. At least it gave us some exposure by playing the [Punk Rock Girl] video. So that was cool.

MRZ – Is it true that you guess had to get part-time jobs following your last album, Soul Rotation?

H.P. – Yeah, Butterfly found a job working three days a week, and Dean was working a job for awhile.

MRZ – What did you squander all your money on?

H.P. – Actually, we never made that much money. We more or less spent it on such things as rent, food… you know, the luxuries of life. I also went overseas a couple of times, so that ate up some money. Butterfly released a CD for the band Ashtray. So I wouldn’t say we squandered our money. It just sort of ran out.

MRZ – What’s the story about being dropped by Hollywood Records after your Soul Rotation album, only to be picked up again for your latest release “Not Richard, but Dick”?

Dean – We really didn’t like the way the contract was written up. They didn’t want to give us enough money for another album, so we parted ways. We thought we could do better elsewhere. We shopped around at other record companies for awhile and found out that nobody was willing to give up what we wanted and Hollywood Records ended up being the best deal we could find, so we took it.

MR – Are there any plans to put out any videos for this album?

H.P. – No, we don’t plan to. We were considering hiring actors to play us, because that’s all videos are. Besides, a video wasn’t part of our contract with the record company. Frankly, I don’t think we’ll do videos ever again.

MR – During your Improv-musica intro to Bitchin’ Canero you made a lot of references that went right over the heads of your audience. Do you feel that you have lost touch with your audience?

H.P. – I don’t know. It’s strange because most of our audience looked like 14-year-olds. We’re in our ’30s. We can’t relate to these kids. I really don’t know why they come to see us, because we have nothing in common. Like you said, our references to Earnest went right over their heads.

(At this point the band starts reminiscing about that moment of “Earnest” during the show. They also started name the different films that they wanted to see him star in).

MR – Is this how you guys go about writting songs?

H.P. – No. We are just on an Earnest kick right now because we saw him in a movie on T.V. last night. We haven’t gotten it out of our heads yet, but don’t expect any songs about Earnest.

MR – Was that really a bottle of bleach that somebody threw at you while you were playing tonight?

H.P. – Yeah, it was a fuckin’ bottle full of bleach. I’m up there and the next thing I know I have a mouth-full of bleach. It’s like these kids show how much they like you by doing stupid shit, like trying to blind you with bleach. All I got to say is that I’ve been all over the world and the one thing that ties all of the different places together is that people are scum. And on that note, we’re out of here.

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