JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION Live at Bogart’s (Cincinnati, OH)

JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION Live at Bogart’s (Cincinnati, OH)
It’s 1973. You’re standing in a magnificent, huge, pink velvet room in Graceland. It’s a party. Iggy and Bowie are sitting off by themselves on an enormous pink couch in a corner of the room making fun of Lou Reed’s boots. You’ve heard that John Lee Hooker is here, but he and Joey Ramone disappeared into a brass-plated bathroom with a lot of mirrors about an hour ago. A huge movie screen is showing “Plan 9 From Outer Space” on the wall behind the band.

That band is The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion.

You are actually standing in Bogarts, and it is December 16, 1998. There=s a very skinny man, clad in silver pants, a disco-ball of a shirt, and white patent leather grandpa shoes, standing atop the P.A., screaming something about his “Babayah”. On the other side of the stage is a dark man, looking none to friendly, standing on top of his vintage Fender amp, doing something inhumane to his guitar. In between the two of them is an enormous shock of hair, slumped over an impossibly tiny drum kit that is doing it=s best not to shatter into a thousand tiny pieces.
- Gail Mutant (1998)

Antique radio-wave synthesizers scream, as you stand helpless in the church of the Blues Explosion. If you missed it may God have mercy on your rock-n-roll soul. {superschunk sTEve}

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