KNAPSACK – AT THE DRIVE-IN – I HAVE MASS Live at Bernie’s Distillery (Columbus, OH)

KNAPSACK – AT THE DRIVE-IN – I HAVE MASS Live at Bernie’s Distillery (Columbus, OH)
This was really cool since I got an offer to see the show from both Knapsack (Maria @ Blue Ghost) & At the Drive-in (Michelle @ Fearless Records). I like both bands so I knew it would be a good show. I headed up to Columbus with Teri, Dayton Buzz website queen, since she was back from Virgina for the week. We got up there pretty early and hung around High St. taking in the sights, sounds and smells. It’s so much more interesting than Dayton.

Anyway, we made our way up to Bernie’s by 9:45 and found there wasn’t a guest list yet since the bands hadn’t arrived. We got in anyway and just watched people for a while and listened to their great jukebox. The crowd was pretty interesting and we soon noticed it was an all-ages show thanks to all the young teens milling about making me feel really old. Sidenote for music trivia geeks: I heard Bernie’s is now owned by Tony of Pet UFO & Burnt Sienna Records fame.

First up was I Have Mass, who I assume is a Columbus band. They played a great short set of melodic punk / hardcore music that had most of the crowd on their feet and jumping around. They had one of the most powerful female drummers I’ve seen and the bassist and guitarist / singer held their own as well. I’m glad I got to see them and hopefully, I’ll hear a recording from them sometime.

On second was at the drive-in. My friend Sebby had told me they were great and she wasn’t kidding. They took to the stage with reckless abandon and kept the crowd energized and transfixed the whole set. They had a great emo-core sound and would sound right at home on Dischord Records. Their great build-ups and mellow moody bridges really pumped up the energy in the whole place. A great band that never stopped moving the whole show.

Once they finished, Iggy and the Stooges “Raw Power” came through the sound system. I haven’t listened to that record for a while and it was great hearing it between sets. Soon Knapsack was on stage. They started off with a slow powerful number that had everybody in the crowd groovin’. Next, they burst into one of their faster songs and it just totally rocked. Their singer’s voice is unique enough to keep it very interesting along with the great melodic punk / hardcore / rock / alternative music that was mingling about. The lyrics were very upfront and were full of meaning and emotion. I recognized quite a few of their songs from their “This Conversation is Over Starting Right Now” CD and they sounded even better live. A truely great band that Mite did a lame review for.
- Grog Mutant (1998)

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