Limp – Guitarded – CD

Limp – Guitarded – CD

Limp - Guitarded - CDLimp – Guitarded – CD
(Honest Don’s Records) Some might say that Limp is begging for the “Not P.C.” label. I’d have to agree with them, but I imagine that Limp wouldn’t give a rat’s ass. The title and jacket of “Guitarded” would be enough to make any fat-cat record executive cringe, but I bet that they could care less about what some mindless cookie cutter suit-boy from L.A. thinks of their CD. These guys sound as if they’re in it completely for money and fame… strike that reverse it… Limp comes from the Screeching Weasel-Minutemen school of punk. It’s fast, loud, fun, and there is little question that these guys grew up in the eighties. If you’re looking for complicated music theory and intricate composition look elsewhere, but if you come from the “Look Ma rock-n-roll is fun” contingent, then “Guitarded” is definitely for you. Oddly enough it’s actually more fun to listen to this CD on a boom box. The Critic is a great song, even if it did make me curl up in the fetal position on my bathroom floor with my thumb in my mouth. Don’t hate me because I’m a shitty guitar player with a penchant for being snide…
- Superchunk Steve (1999)

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